Combat Jack: Tiger Likes It Raw!

 |  February 15, 2010

tigerwoodsWe all know how much El Tigre gets it in. All the fallout from his extramarital activities shows how much dude stays up on that breakfast of champions. Word just got out that he likes it raw too, word to Old Dirty Bastard. According to the Daily News, Tiger got noted porn star Joslyn James impregnated. Twice. One pregnancy ending in a miscarriage and one terminated by abortion.  According to James,”The first one was when [Elin] was pregnant with Sam,” James said, referring to Woods’ 2-year-old daughter.”

Damn B. I likes it raw too. But I stay married. And don’t be running up in porn stars that take kielbasa on the regular like clockwork. Not casting any types of judgement, shitting on Tiger is too easy these days. Just concerned that he might not have gotten the memo.

Then again, I can’t really speak on it, especially since me and Woods ain’t on the same medical insurance plan. My boy, this cat from Brooklyn that became a multi-millionaire through day trading, took several trips to Africa and once told me that he witnessed first hand the cure for the AIDS disease. It’s not like I can’t believe him, only because I’m not a multi-millionaire, plus I’ve never been to Africa. He told me though, that only super rich cats could afford the cure, what with all the red tape involved in circumventing, by passing the insurance companies making a fortune off the expensive “treatments” offered to the common AIDS head and such, and the government agencies that support the HIV rape treatment industry.

Anyways, so what if Tiger takes chances on his club? That’s his business, plus I’m kinda tired of all this media hype coverage overload. If he’s got paper like that and wants to play Russian Roulette with his joint, he surely can afford getting that cure. Ask Magic Johnson.   After all them years of coming out of the closet of sharing with the world how he was infected with the bug, dude looks mad hefty and healthy, non shaky and all that to still be down with H.I.V.

Talk about having a Magic Johnson. [||].

  • iHipHop

    Thats not it.

  • Enlightened

    Here is the US patent website where you can look up an patented invention:

    Now here is the patent number for the CURE FOR AIDS:


    Enter that number in the search and it will give you details on the cure for AIDS which was patented in 1997. It is no joke. There is a very dedicated AIDS activist named Dr. Boyd Graves who has had a lawsuit against America for years that keeps getting postponed.

    He is demanding answers about why they will not test this cure and put it into mass production.

    Shit is real out here.

  • verde

    How is it that Boyd Graves hasn't been killed yet?