Tip Is Officially Inmate #59458-019

 |  November 1, 2010

T.I. officially began his 11 month prison sentence at the same Arkansas he was released from early in the year.  This sucks, but it could potentially be a blessing in disguiseTMZ comes through with some details of his living situation.

  • A spokesperson for the prison tells us T.I. will go through the normal process — which means he’ll be processed, pose for a prison photo, and will be given a bunk assignment.

    As for the shower issue — we’re told T.I.’s prison has a community shower situation.

    We’re told T.I. will have access to a television room for general viewing.

    T.I. will be issued a standard prison uniform — khaki trousers, khaki button down shirt and black shoes.

    Inmates at the prison can make phone calls — but they’re limited to 300 minutes per month.