Drops next Thursday, that’s June 14th for y’all. Now head down bottom. 

1. Intro
2. Try Me
3. Have Mercy (prod. Omar Gee)
4. Conversation With Tito (Prod. Andre Laudz)
5. No Haters Allowed
6. Mass Appeal 2.0 (prod. Futuristiks)
7. Fuck It
8. Devil’s Pie (Freestyle)
9. Jessica (prod. The Letter “C”)
10. Kheperah (Interlude)
11. Mama Proud (prod. Futuristiks)
12. Kosta (Interlude)
13. Ventilation (prod. Omari MC)
14. They Told Me (prod. Sleep Deez For The Academy)
15. Black Ice (Freestyle)
16. It’s Hard Pt. 2 (prod. Futuristiks)