Toni Braxton took viewers on a stirring ride aboard the “Soul Train” at the taping of the network’s first special, CENTRIC PRESENTS: 2009 SOUL TRAIN AWARDS. Toni Braxton performed her song featuring Trey Songz “Yesterday” and it got so steamy the pair locked lips in front of everyone including Tony`s husband in the front row, now I`m not sure if it was only for the performance or what but I don’t care if its show biz, if my wife was a singer its not necessary to be making out with some other dude especially in front of millions of viewers. Her husband better check that!USA/USA/

  • aaron_44

    toni braxton is insane. isn’t she thinking? she doesn’t have to that unless if she thinks her career is going down.

  • andersonharriet

    she is a major disgustment to her husband. it would only make her less a person to his partner about doing such thing.

  • moria00

    i am not that convince that they might say it is only a gimmick because there are so many ways to do gimmicks and this one is not that nice to do.

  • lisa`lisa

    i hope toni’s husband isn’t mad about what she did, but it is doubtful if he won’t.

  • jenm

    he can’t just tolerate what toni braxton did. shame on trey songz. isn’t he aware that toni braxton has a husband?

  • DTComet

    Dude, that is mad disrespectful. In front of not only millions but your husband
    too? Both are bogus for that. She still looks fine though, lol.

  • nova_scotian

    tonis man better put her in check