|  September 18, 2008

Tony Yayo











No matter what people say about Tony Yayo, he is the epitome of loyal when it comes to Curtis Jackson. In a recent interview with MTV, Yayo who discussed the Unit bringing out Flava Flav on stage the other night in Albany when 50 did his impromptu performance of Kanye’s Love Lockdown. Yeah that had to be something else, Yayo and Flav sharing a stage.Anyhow when asked about the second face off between Kanye and 50 whose albums will be dropping one week apart in December, Yayo covered his ass basically by saying “In my eyes I don’t think Kanye will ever be bigger than Fif, no matter what his numbers do.” On September 10th last year that statement would have read “In my eyes Kanye will never outsell Fif, no matter how good he is.” What a difference a year makes. Although with Sha Money XL exec producing this album for 50 lets hope the magic is there like it was for Fif’s first and second albums.