Tony Yayo: So Bad He’s Good?

Written by Sam

Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 1:34 pm
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For those who are hardcore iHipHopers you may have heard me mention “Mike Jones Syndrome”.  Basically it’s when a rapper is so bad he’s good.  Yayo aka “The Talk Of New York” definitely suffers from this syndrome.  His absurdity never fails to keep me entertained.  With mixtape names like Swine Flu & videos for “Weed & Hennesy” shot it Turkey of all places how could you not be?  Anyway the latest development in the world of Tony Yayo is a new mixtape titled Gun Powder Guru.  Check out his first song/video “Bullets Whistle”.  Are you not entertained? (In Gladiator voice).  Song is actually kind of fire.



“Bullets Whistle”- Tony Yayo
To Preview Track Click Here



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