kili-1.jpgFemales make the world go round, there’s no question about that. They are the main reason why men want good jobs, because without a great job your chances of landing a bombshell got that much harder.

Of course you want a successful career regardless, but come on now; thinking that women don’t weigh into that equation also is just absurd.

As 2008 dwindles down to its last hours, Oscar and Grammy award winning producer Paul Stewart sheds some light on the next big thing happening in the world of entertainment, which includes The Top 100 Models On Myspace For 2008.

Below is just a quick idea of what to expect from his list. So enjoy and don’t forget to complete your New Years Resolution of building up the courage to ask your boss for that raise so you can make your “parents” proud (yeah right!)…

1. Kili Anderson:


2. Latoya:


3. Paris:


4. Laura Dore:


5. Milani:


6. Bahara:


7. Leslie Gaultier:

  • ESCO750

    forget that i wanna know how i can get with one of these sexxy ladys

  • JamesSiam

    Damn! What a way to start the new year guys! Ihiphop rocks! Anyone got any digits for these ladies!

  • Loose Da Ceo

    Im kinda late on this one but Damn this is the best page i have ever seen. Know dat