One person you can always count on to keep it real is Tony Yayo. He might annoy the hell out of me as a rapper but there are some things about Yayo you just have to take note on. In a recent interview with Kay Slay Yayo gave up his opinion (quite freely of course) on Buck and Game saying that if he was to meet them out and about, there would be no ifs, ands or buts, their encounter would make newspaper and possibly even movies. The comments made about Yayo’s Momma by Game didn’t go down too either. How excited must Kay Slay have been hearing all this on air lol, we all know he likes to stir up as much s**t as possible.This is not the first time of course that this threat has been made and even though I am not here to condone violence or beef for that matter unless it is of the BBQ variety, Yayo has always remained loyal to 50 Cent. Can anyone think of any instance where he has come out the face and said anything bad about his situation (the fact that he hasn’t put an album out since 2005) or his fellow label mates until they have flown the coop. Does this equate to loyalty or just Yayo knowing what side his bread is buttered? Makes you think I guessBut anyhow looks like it is on when Yayo meets Game and Buck..

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/rudeboye56 rudeboye

    yayo a real nigga cuz wen he was lock down 50 letting every1 know FREE YAYO so return da respect giving 2 u or treat niggas wit respect and get it back R.O.C. all day shout out 2 Bleek Brooklyn 718 aka 187

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/lilkay87 kendall224

    NOW…Yayo kno damn well that he can’t see Game or Buck…so he might as well keep his mouth shut before one of them niggas have him eating though a straw