Trademark Da Skydiver is back with the commercial follow-up to his heralded project, Flamingo Barnes.  As premiered on HipHopDX, Flamingo Barnes 2: Mingo Royale features an all-star lineup and some extremely dope cover art.  FB2 drops November 19th on iHipHop Distribution.  Hit the jump to check out the track list.

Trademark Da Skydiver Presents – Flamingo Barnes 2: Mingo Royale Track List:

1. FB
2. Rite Nah (feat. Dizzy Wright)
3. Doin Me (feat. Domo Genesis of Odd Future)
4. OMG
5. Best Believe (feat. Young Roddy)
6. Get N Go
7. Basically (feat. Smoke DZA)
8. O.D
9. 1,000 Pounds (feat. Bodega Bamz)
10. Mingo Music
11. Fly & Talkn Shyt (feat. Fiend)
12. Million $ Man (feat. Blizz)
13. I See It (feat. Hardo)
14. Lately


  • royale

    looks like he has some great feats here. hope the album is just as dope.

  • stop

    Hmmmn… Is he still with Jet Life?

  • confused

    I really don’t dig this whole Flamingo Barnes Persona.

  • namatay

    Yeah I am really wondering what’s up with Jet Life now?

  • westlife

    I love this new stuff. Hope it’s all as dope as them JetLife joints.