|  July 11, 2008

Oh fuck buck

Rumors are circulating that Young Buck tried to top himself the other night with a serious dosage of prescription  painkillers. It was reported however that he was admitted to a Nashville Hospital after having an adverse reaction to pain killers. Man I hope he did have a reaction man as opposed to trying to end it all. Too many lives being lost over stupid choices man

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    This nigga fucked either way. Nigga might as well kill himself. Nigga sold his soul to the damn devil!!!!! Shouldve left when Game left!!!!

  • ob1thefool

    i hope that fool okay

  • pnut92003

    Damn Buck say it ain’t so. Whateva going on with em, its nothing God can’t fix! Hold ya head soulja. We lost too many real souljaz already.I believe u will Persevere through this. Much love from P’Nut. New Orleans soulja 4 life!!