Tyler, The Creator vs. MTV

 |  June 14, 2011


Apparently MTV won’t be playing Tyler the Creator’s “She” because it did not meet the corporate guidelines that MTV/Viacom have established. Tyler has decided to show his outrage via twitter.

I Am So F*cking Bummed Out. F*ck Man. Really MTV?

So, As Most Of You Know, VMA Is On My Goal List, Simply Because I Like Directing Sh*t

But I Just Got Word That MTV Can’t. Play SHE Because Of Some F*ggot Sh*t

We Would Have To edit A Bunch Of Bullsh*t Out For A Video That Was Less Aggressive That YONKERS, Which They Played.

Like: Cant Say Honey Dip, No Supreme, Jasper Cant Hump Rock, Cant Sniff, Cant Say “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Is The Bullets”, And Other Bulls*t

Im Really Sad. I Worked So Hard On That Video, Thought A Corny Teen TV Spoof Would Be Ok To Get What I’ve Been F*cking Wanting But F*ck No

Maybe That F*ggot A$$ Bruno Mars Bitch Will Get One For His Creative A$$ Video.

The Club Scene, Car, F*ggot rave Videos Are F*cking Awesome. F*ck It Tho

I’m Happy They Even Considered HAving It On, At Least YONKERS Made It, So I Still Have A Chance. VMA Soon. Thank @mtv

Fuck. I’m Really Bummed Out.

But Sh*t, They Allow 16 Year Old F*cking Sluts That Take Dick Deep And Have F*ggot Kids On TV For 30 Minutes? Fuck.

I’m Not Changing Sh*t. I Do And Make What I Want



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LAYK3PH5DYGJRXFLRFTFC43TKA tess

    Im completely suprised by this move by mtv! they play every type of satanic/illuminati music out there including all sorts of debauchery. Tyler is average at best, this might be a calculated move to just up the exposure of the video online among kids who seek to rebel.

  • Itstravieso

    So mtv will show “yonkers” on sunday mornings but not “she”.. ON YEAH THAT MAKES SENSE…WTF?!