Tyler The Creator Wants To Corrupt Justin Bieber…

Written by jGerson

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 at 7:51 pm
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Everyone’s favorite horrorcore rapper Tyler The Creator has a bromance going on with Justin Bieber.  After freaking out on Twiter over an encounter with the Biebs, the Odd Future frontman gained his composure and told MTV, “We [were] kicking it with him for like 10, 20 minutes. He’s a chill dude. First thing he was like, ‘Oh, I just finished talking about your video, that sh– was crazy.”

Tyler then went on to sound like a middle school kid hopped up on caffeine when he added, “I want to take him egging cars and f—ing sh– up and paintball and just go skate and go do fun sh– that I feel like he hasn’t been able to do.“  So egging cars is “f*cking sh*t up”?  I’m getting old.

  • Combat Jack

    Anybody egg my car is getting fucked up. Straight up.

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