One of the UK’s most notorious musical landmarks has requested certain graffiti artists to take part in spray painting a mural depicting the 138 year history of the musical venue on its internal walls in a particular section of the Hall. Street artists such as Ben Slow, Snik, FarkFK, Blam, Finbarr DAC and Grafter have been commissioned to spray the 1,125sq/m space with interpretations of all those who have taken the stage at the Royal Albert Hall which is situated in the West London borough of Kensington.
In a press release the Head of Programming, Lucy Noble for the RAH said “We’re privileged to be working with some truly innovative young street artists to transform one of the largest and yet most unseen spaces in this iconic building. This will be a visually dynamic piece of art and will be a contemporary tribute to parts of our amazing history.”
Radio City Music Hall next?

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    THese Projects are unnegotiable. the addition of graffiti to the lifestyle of urbans around the world can be displayed in many places thanks to the originators and they should be immorttalized in every community they have helped to build. Instead of allowing them to waste their talent the mural idea will colect an dorganize for the artsist of the future an example of how to go about their craft the right way.