2 Live Crew front man Luke Campbell was blasted a few weeks ago by his daughter Lacresha who claimed he was a dead beat dad. In a video posted online, Lacresha claims Luke Campbell has about 5-6 kids but only claims one of them which is with his current wife. She also claimed Luke abused her mother and kicked them out of his house when she was 3.

As you may know, Ludacris brought Luke out as a surprise guest during his set at Birthday Bash in Atlanta this past weekend. Nnete of The Mad Hatta Morning Show caught up with Luke backstage to see what he had to say about his daughters putting him on blast. He responded:

“I have one kid. His name is Blake Campbell and he stays with me and me and my wife raise him. I’ve made mistakes in my life and I’d like everyone to understand that It’s important to practice safe sex and it’s important to not have sex without condoms because you’ll be sperm donating and when you sperm donate to angry mothers then unfortunately it’s about a check. When you get a check, the results of that check ends up where your sperm donation kids are online talking bad about you after you paid millions and millions dollars in child support… “

On if the relationship with his daughter can be fixed

“When you living with a devil… And you been living with the devil for so many years and the devil been training you and putting in your mind all these devilish things. The results are what you see… I’m a mother.. not a mother F*cka, and I’ll leave you at that.”

Video of Lacresha blasting Luke

Seriously, Who is 55 with an 8 month old and a 3 year old baby that he hates and doesn’t see? Why he doesn’t see us? It’s because he hates the mothers. The people he had sex with. Nobody told him to have sex and have me and 5 other kids. He doesn’t even claim us all! He continually lies about all of us.