By: Rizoh

      Snoop Dogg and Sean ‘Diddy‘ Combs, who’re currently on tour together, have labeled themselves “the best heroes for kids” despite having had several run-ins with the law. The two maintain that youngsters can learn from their collective life experiences, both good and bad, according to

      “I think we are the best heroes for kids,” Snoop said recently. “We’ve been through everything in music and in life. We give kids the best example to deal with everything.”

      Diddy chips in, “A lot of role models have not been through trials and tribulations. You got to judge a champion by how he get up when he been knocked down.”

  • DaGetGo

    dust yoself off and try again….try again……..

  • slice72

    that’s right kiddies learn how to smoke haze and rape your artists lol

  • CHI

    we be learning some g-shit like ”WE DON’T LUV THEM HO’S”

  • G-Zus Kriced

    That’s right children, even you can get acquitted from shooting someone in a club!

  • snowy streets