Universal Goes After MySpace

 |  November 20, 2006
      Universal Music Group has filed a lawsuit against MySpace.com, alleging that the online social-networking site illegally engenders copyright infringement on music and videos.
      UMG also claims that the News Corp-owned MySpace attempts to shield itself from liability by making users agree to grant the website a license to publish the content they upload to the site. According to Universal, users have no such authority over works they don’t own.
      The lawsuit states that MySpace "facilitates and participates in the unauthorized reproduction, adaptation, distribution and public performance," singling out the feature on the website that enable users to save/share music and videos to their profile.
      Universal Music is the world’s largest recording company, is home to recording artists such as Jay-Z, Akon, and Kanye West.
MySpace responded to the lawsuit via a statement, saying that it is in full compliance with copyright laws and is confident it will prevail in court
      Last month, Universal Music filed lawsuits against online video-sharing sites Grouper Networks Inc. and Bolt Inc., seeking damages up to $150,000 for each incident of copyright infringement plus costs.