|  February 9, 2009


With all the excitement of the weekend totally slipped my mind to post the news blurb about Usher having to flee the excitement of Grammy weekend to be at his wife’s bedside. Tameka, the mother of the R&B singers two sons, was said to be suffering from serious complications due to plastic surgery when Usher was contacted. He immediately left Hollywood where he was expected to attend the legendary Clive Davis’s Pre Grammy Party and headed to Brazil to be with his wife who is now said to be fine.
After the loss of Kanye West’s mother due to complications stemming from plastic surgery you can imagine just how stressed Usher must have been. Yet the only reason women flee to Brazil to have cosmetic surgery is because it is cheaper than in the US so perhaps the Raymonds need to consider splashing the cash next time instead.

  • DiamondHearts

    Wow that cold! Can you afford cosmetic surgery! Probably not you write for crackspace LOLLOLLOl

  • JamesSiam

    Don’t these two look in love! He sure is a caring husband!