By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Vanilla Ice has teamed up with Turbo Tax for a Tax Rap contest where a “rapper” with the best rap about taxes can walk away with $25,000. Vanilla Ice will choose the winners, including first place, who will get $5,000 and 3rd place who will get $1,000. The top five viewer choice rappers will get a cubic zirconium piece of jewelry and all entrants will get free TurboTax software.

      They’re looking for video raps of two minutes or less with entries received by March 30. You can’t rhyme over someone else’s beat and it has to be completely original music or acapella. No curses, no thug stories, violence or nudity is allowed. Starting on March 31, visitors to the site will vote for their favorite rap videos and on April 8, the top 13 vote getters will be finalists. Vanilla Ice will judge the top 13 based on relevance to tax theme, creativity and entertainment value and select a grand prize winner. To submit your video, visit TAXRAP.

  • DaDoooD

    vanilla ice + turbo tax + cubic zirconium = totally wack and has nothin to do wit hip hop or rap.

  • URU_finest