Vick Activated

 |  September 16, 2009

vickeaglesMichael Vick has been activated from the Philadelphia Eagles exemption list, meaning he can practice with the team.  He remains ineligible to play on the weekend for the next two weeks, though it seems the Eagles would be very happy to have him sooner, given Donovan McNabb‘s rib injury this past week.  As much as Vick is surrounded by controversy, he is still a very popular player in the league, with his new Eagles jersey in the top-5 in sales this past off-season, even though he’s only been on the teem for a few weeks.  Only time will tell if this move to the Eagles actually works out, but until he plays in an NFL game we won’t know what kind of player he’s going to be.
Are you excited to watch Michael Vick after a few years out of the league?  Do you think he’s an idiot that should never play Football again?  Or are you just sick of hearing about him and you don’t care?  Let us know what you think below!

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