I don’t know what’s better about this episode of “Over/Under”: that A$AP Ferg wasn’t aware that Jim Carrey had already played the Joker when he suggested it would be a breakout role OR that he burnt both of his feet playing frisbee on hot coals. He’s got a future in this if Jim Jones is any example of unintentionally hilarious Harlem rappers. Check the review of Ferg’s Trap Lord.

  • Fun

    Now we all know that a good birthday gift for the Ferg is a DVD of Batman Forever

  • MiddleName

    This was just fun.

  • senseofdope

    I really like ASAP Ferg. Great sense of humor. Dope albums.

  • wreckingball

    I think it’s all an act. He finished high school right?

  • design

    Actually ASAP Ferg got into art school.

  • buttons

    Yeah, he was also a great fashion designer, designing accessories and belts.

  • pretense

    I think he’s wise but he’s trying to pass off as an idiot.

  • bgot

    LOL’ed the whole time.

  • greatest


  • injun

    Fergenstein is adorable!