So, the short-term plan: meet Azealia, do the Interview Of A Lifetime, wait for her to propose, live on the Cancun playa for the rest of my days. On the off chance that she’s reading this, I like Geminis, Azealia, and will be the Rohan to your Lauryn. Aight, I’m out. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    that wig is alive… i swore it winked at me.

  • wiza

    Looking good there, Azaleia!

  • bornfree

    WAY better than Nicki! By a mile!

  • kulihog

    Azaleia is gonna steal the crown off Minaj’s empty little head.

  • vileevil

    WTF did they hire amateurs for?

  • bargein

    I love Azaleia, but this is not her best song. That beat is dead.