Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame has not lived up to his grand expectations…the kind you have when you name your sophomore album Hall Of Fame, that is. But he is not without talent and some cleverness to boot so he’s giving fans and other viewers a chance to get to know him better (since it doesn’t appear that they’re buying anything he’s selling). He’s but a few Nicki Minaj and Kanye West features away from another hit and then — BAM! — famous again. Hang in there, Sean.

  • poop

    Nope, sorry Big Sean, it’s not gonna happen at least not with Hall of Fame.

  • rascal

    Whatever you think, Sean has talent. Respect.

  • scar

    Zeno Jones did a great job with this vid. Wish I could say the same for the song.

  • ceiling

    You deaf bro?

  • greaaaa

    I actually bought the album. No hall of famer there. It was very boring, I haven’t listened much to it.