|  August 29, 2008


This video has been posted all over the internet during the last 24 hours and my question is this….who the hell is to blame for this child’s choice of words? Bloggers and readers have all voiced their opinions, the parents, the world in general, Soulja Boy, George Bush even, so now IHipHop readers you get your say as to who is to blame for this even hitting the net the way it has.

I remember one of my fave up and coming female rappers Stella wearing a T-Shirt back in 2005 when I first  interviewed her  with a slogan on that popped straight into my head when i watched this clip…TEACH THE BABIES. Ain’t that the truthbabies

  • Kingsigh

    That girls mother should be smacked in the face for letting her child talk like that. Oh I forgot it was a little white girl, u and I know they cant control them lil bastards. Tabatha rag her for saying nigger yeah i caught it.


    only one person to blame the one behind the camera and I caught the nigger slip to and she knew it was wrong but thats what they teach there kids so racism sticks around I believe 60% of white people are racist and wont stop believing until the day I die