• winikn

    One word. Insufferable

  • sarcasm

    Oh wow, a two hour interview to hear Drake talk. Looking forward to it!!!

  • boom.

    Lots of Kanye loving here too. He wants to do… ooops… be like Kanye because Kanye wants to outdo and outthink everybody else.

  • Rebel

    What’s this thing about Kendrick Lamar? They are not on the same level… at all.

  • kalayaan

    I think it’s because Drake is jealous of Kendrick. Talented guy, even with just one album out, can topple him.

  • kabog

    Who even cares what Drake says?

  • franklin

    I do not understand where the hate is coming from. He is admittedly on top of this game.

  • bango

    Great interview.

  • janice

    Drake actually says he’s not frazzled by Lamar’s Control verse. So there.

  • truthhurts

    His music’s good, so I am willing to ignore any two-hour interviews he gives out.