• jessy

    Drake, of course your mom would be upset.

  • recasted

    Whoever is posting these vids…Man I love you. You get these before everyone else does!

  • cobra

    Drake should really work more with 40.

  • flyguy

    Still hate the shrill voice. But am still watching. What’s wrong with me!?!?

  • notmuch

    Elliot should patent that laugh. It’s the right amount of mirth and fake.

  • nosh

    Drake saying that Kanye is his only competion…. What do you think about that?

  • neek

    Still hate Drake, still don’t know why there are a lot of interview vids of him.

  • worstbehavior

    Worst Behavior probably is my fave fave song now.

  • blessed

    Some of the things here are like rehashed info from older interviews But there are some new bits of info that he talks about in this series of interview videos.

  • ediot

    Elliot Wilson is a Drake fan.