Drake keeps the NWTS promo going, stopping by the Hot 97 studios in NYC for a sit-down with Angie Martinez. Aubrey speaks on his “Pound Cake” collabo with Jay Z, Kendrick’s “Control” verse, Rihanna, and more. Check out parts two and three after the jump.

  • stfu!

    Stop talking, honey. Stop talking.

  • Lamar

    I wonder why he is so hurt about Kendrick’s diss??? It’s not even a diss!

  • Faith

    What a softie!

  • jaguar

    Insecurities like this will kill you Drake.

  • sisnisters

    Drake wants you to hug him. Oh gawd.

  • epicfail

    Aside from Drake himself, his jokes are also epic fails.

  • hugme

    Drake sounds like a female. whiny whiny i want more friends to understand me.

  • Rogelio

    Drake, your panties are showing.

  • dovedove

    I think that he’s really bad at interviews. Nevertheless, I find him sincere here.

  • stories

    This is much better than an interview with Kanye.