You’re welcome. XXLMag posted some of the lyrics. Check ’em after the jump.

I hear records on my demo, did y’all boys not get the memo?

I do not stay at the InterContinental, and anything I got is not a rental

I own that muthafucka

I figured shit it’s simple / my stock going up like it’s a crescendo

A bunch of handshakes from the fakes / But, nigga I do not want to be friends though

I toy y’all muthafuckas

Man this shit is not a love song / this a fucking stripper on a mink rug song

This fuck your boys forever hold a grudge song / pop some champagne in the tub song

Nigga just because song …

  • Ruth

    Am not a drake fan, but this is a good song.

  • Rickada

    This song ain’t on the album!

  • insulting

    I was there! The crowd went nuts with this song. Hope that they get the full song out soon.