The Cult of Earl is in full force, with kids wearing lippy masks in tribute to the young rhyming phenom. Something about this corny video almost diminishes the album it’s meant to advertise but not much could do that, ultimately. The reaction to Frank Ocean here, though, shows just how much icon-making is happening in the mills of Odd Futurism.

  • Wronguns

    OMG. Frank Ocean.

  • OceanDeep

    I still can’t get over the fact that Ocean used to write songs for Justin Bieber.

  • Libra

    Can’t wait for them to get here to Seattle. 10/30, my birthday yo.

  • Emery

    Fantastic album. Just sick

  • bankroll

    Earl remains to be the most talented out of all Odd Future. Not up to argue, #justsaying.

  • spies

    If you only have to listen to one song, I’d say make it Chum.

  • nobel

    It must suck to have a nobel-nominated dad. but at least the poetry has been passed on to him.

  • justicea

    I am just going to say this. But for me, Doris is downright disappointing. It feels like Earl didn’t want to be there.

  • killjoy

    I actually agree with you on that. It felt like he’s there rapping with a shot gun trained to his head.

  • spacebar

    This homie has potential. But sadly, he seems to be disinterested in realizing it.