I reported before that Kat Stacks got beat down by a bunch of goons, you can read about that here, there were 2 rumors going around one report claims that 50 people dressed in black jumped Kat Stacks in broad daylight the other was some dudes from either Bow Wow`s crew or Fabolous` crew slapped her up in the club/bar. I predicted the latter was true, peep the video and see the beatdown begin at 11 seconds:


  • Cool

    Thats fucking wrong and your a fucking DICK for posting it.


  • SunnyG

    that bitch deserved that shit trying to run shit by being a proud hoe

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000037464669 Woodrow Buford

    why he so mad at what she say about another dude hmmm….

  • Jizzle

    No fuck the sleeze bag because she's nothing but but a industry whore and does nothing but talks shit about the people who doesn't pay her enough checks after they fuck her.

  • Cool

    I pressed like by mistake by the way, but seeing a girl cowering and scared looks good to you? Spoken like a true potential rapist/serial killer. What you seem to forget is those niggas chose to fuck her, and looking from her blog videos you can see this girl has some real mental health issues. It doesn't matter how you try to spin it. Thats shit was just wrong and really uncomfortable to watch. The people who moderate this site really need to check themselves. I mean what if she was related to you?

  • Carlito Bragonti

    This is not cool first of all……Second why didnt these tuff guys get a girl to smack this bitch…..Why niggas mad that she puttin them on blast….Thats her hustle niggas….How yall gonna hate on her hustle………Then slap her on video like yall doin somethin…….This new generation of hip hop are such bitches man and it shows with what niggas do……And the whores yall choose to fuck……Serves yall faggots right

  • SunnyG

    if you read the other story exposes how they hacked her shit and found kat stacks made up the majority of shit she said for attention heres the liink to that one http://www.ihiphop.com/?p=48736