HBO is consistently the greatest stuff on television, because “it’s not TV, it’s HBO.”  June 27th marks the beginning of Entourage‘s 7th season, with an episode entitled “Stunned.”

In the season premiere, the director of Vince’s latest action film talks his star into doing his own driving stunt, agitating both Eric and Ari. Turtle’s attraction to an under-performing employee named Alex threatens to damage his fledgling car service business. Ari looks to add to his resume as “the biggest agent in the world” by eying an alliance with the NFL. Worried that his holding deal is about to expire, Drama pressures Lloyd, now his agent, to land him a project.

It’s been leaked that two of the celebrity cameos this season will be Jessica Simpson (playing herself), and porn star Sasha Grey (playing Vince’s girlfriend).  It’s comforting to me to know that these guys continue to live the good life all these years later.