• deymbitches

    Damn those bit#ches! Nobody can hate this video if only for the fine pieces of a%% you see here!

  • forking

    In Jail Again. Who cares as long as you have all this talent and all them b43ches in your video?

  • Tweet

    Dope song. But Gucci Mane needs to straighten up.

  • 789


  • mannedup

    Now I wonder what Chief Keef would have to say about all them hoes in this video.

  • ortaleza

    Man all these eye candy and they keep on focusing the camera on Gucci Mane.

  • statusquality

    Gucci = Boss.

  • idolgucci

    gucci really makes me want to become a rapper.

  • sectyor

    Can’t wait to hear what new hard shit he wrote.

  • annual

    He’s in rehab. Hope he gets out of that, too. Make more music Gucci Mane.