Iman Omari is a smoothed out/smoked out, electro-funky, jazzy singer making waves across the Left Coast beat scene, and in the R&B world at large. His debut album VIBErations dropped earlier this summer to almost all positive reviews. He rocks this set with rap’s new class (at the 31:00 mark): Moruf, Quelle Chris, Cavalier, Ill Camille and Denmark Vesey. Check his other vids after the jump.

Iman Omari – “Energy”

Iman Omari – “Worth It”

  • dopedopedope

    Three very dope songs. Lovin’ it!

  • renegage

    Looks like fun, even if it’s crowded.

  • wiggfield

    Yeah,I do wish I turned up!

  • lighters

    This guy definitely has talent. I’d love to see more of him.

  • Sahne

    Is it so bad that I think this is a dope get high song?

  • livido

    Great video on Energy. Love those beats.

  • dump

    Why do I feel like am underwater after listening to both Energy and Worth it?

  • sueside

    He should be a lot more famous than the beeb.

  • rakim

    Addictive. And Very unique!