IT’S MURDAAAAAA. Irv and Ja stop by the Power 105 studios (presumably for the first time this decade) to speak on Murder Inc., their relationship with Queens drug kingpin Supreme, financial & legal troubles, 50 Cent and more. Part two after jump.

  • Shrill

    It’s a rarity in their world to actually have real homies. Glad that they have fun with each other.

  • Marlboro1

    Yes, it’s obvious that they are really friends.

  • abouttime

    Irv Gotti coming clean about Ashanti. Whoa.

  • toti

    Been a while. Been missing Rule.

  • alecjs

    I would like you to imagine what the world would look like if Rule had his onw record label.

  • oldy

    Most kids probablly would not remember some of the things they mentioned here.

  • ashanti

    Murder Inc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jun

    I am not sure Rule should make a comeback.

  • sigbin

    J. Lo dissing. It’s my favorite pasttime too.

  • nacirema

    I envy Angie Martinez for having the best job in the world.