|  July 27, 2008

ballinWhat is it about these guys? Jimmy sounds real ‘ignant’ when he discusses with Kim Osorio his opinions on Nas and his battle with Fox. Some people should be seen and not heard, but with the face on Jimmy in this video, I don’t think I want to see or hear him. Cheer up Jim, are things really that bad?

  • southsypher

    Come on Jim you should have know better… Cam on O’Reilly wasn’t to long ago…and we still remember that train wreck

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    This nigga mad cayse he got no money!!!!!! Get your weight up Jim

  • ob1thefool

    fuck jim jones that nigga wack he can’t fuck with nas

  • Mr_ 302

    Come on man! Nigga stop it. Nas not worried about this zip ass nigga! Beef for buzz is BITCHASSNESS!!!!!

  • jcape

    The sad and most destructive aspect of this interview is there are going to be young black children who will listen to this and think this ignorant bastard speaks from the perspective of most black men. This is why we as black men must raise and protect our children from idiots like him. P.S. To all of you ignorant bastards who thinks he speaks the truth… a web search of the real Jim Jones and see where he led his people! Keyword: Poison


    haha I aint even listen this nigga a hater he need to get on his knees and worship Nas cause hes #1 get it through your head you lame you done give up dipset sucks and he sucks his new hit should be FAAAAAAAAAAAAlin cause he falling of faster and faster every month and when he hits wont be no splash just straight concrete for the hater


    dumb ass nigga probably cant even read and write talking about its a recession talk about that.What do you ever talk about besides drugs and money and your cars and thousand dollar belt buckles you fucking fag. How dare you disrespect Nas for trying to be a leader and bringing hiphop back on some old public enemy shit. Niggas make me sick this is what the game is coming too all the cool swagg rappers are trying to get rid of all the rappers who spit wit a message they must work for fox or something watch your ears this niggas is preaching garbage to the kids. Talking about rap about ways to make money what way have you ever tought anyone to make money that didnt didnt take from another person pocket jim jones product of your environment no your a product of your junkey ass aids infested pops you fucking crackbaby

  • The X Man

    JJ IS A DUMB IGNORANT SLAVE!!!!!…Where Ice Cube and the Lynch Mob at??????????