Video: Joey Bada$$ – Hilary Swank

 |  October 14, 2013

There’s something to be said for a 19-year-old artist who has a sense of his place in time, and a sense of time in general. Joey Bad starts this video with “vintage footage” (if there can be such a thing for a teen rapper) and then transports himself into the antiquity of rap that he loves so dearly. He mighta translated even better on analog and VHS.

  • steezcapitalsteez

    STEEZ! It gonna be a year in just two months!

  • hollaboy

    #ripsteez. Joey Bada$$ this is a lovely lovely lovely song.


    There is no track the Joey Bada$$ doesn’t crush

  • morningwood

    probably one of my faves right now.

  • estoppel

    dope vid. dope song. dope everything!