Video: Ka – “Jungle”

 |  October 4, 2013

Ka, also known as Brownsville Ka, is something like the Elmore Leonard or Hubert Selby of rap music. He brings life and vitality to street tales sometimes untold, or too simplified otherwise. This video, from his latest project Night’s Gambit drags you through a ghetto and makes it like home.

  • fanito

    Somebody please make Ka more famous than he is currently. More people need to hear his music.

  • sunggo

    Totally one of a kind sound. Love this!

  • mundy

    Ka is probably the best one out there. Better than those studio produced sh3t out there.

  • daiaray

    Dope. Definitely one of the best from Ka.

  • banana

    He writes, he raps, he directs, he edits. He can give you all a run for your money.