“I know how to make ‘perfect’.” Mr. West is in the building. And he’s doing interviews. Zane Lowe sits down with Kanye for an exclusive talk with the now-public artists. After years of avoiding interviews, it seems Yeezy’s found his stride with careful press appointments like this one. It must be the Dad thing.

  • Wronguns

    Watch till the end!

  • Lost

    I practically zoned out after the 13:00 mark… I got lost.

  • magnum

    I normally do not like Kanye, but I can’t help noticing that he’s getting better, even his speaking voice here is uh, how would you say it, refined?

  • doubleduplicate

    Seems like he’s trying to talk white.

  • lovi

    Where’s the 2nd part???

  • Kanye

    He’s good. You can say all you want about Kanye, but his music is pure dope.

  • STFU

    I hope he just shuts up. We don’t need him talking this way.

  • gmail

    Speak for yourself. I think this interview is great.

  • kanyeah!

    Genius guy.

  • no kanye

    I could never hate his music, but as a person, he is disgusting. All this sh&t he’s saying here… fiction.