Video: Kanye West Performs For Le Grand Journal

Written by DrewBreez

Monday, September 23rd, 2013 at 10:10 pm
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A nationally renowned French talk show? Yea, why not. Kanye is making his Euro tour count with unique stops at places like this one. First sit through an interview with a Buddhist French author on the path to enlightenment. Then, listen to Kanye rap about Black Skinheads (starts at ~13:15 mark), strange fruit and other very American things. (I wonder what the Dalai Lama would think about “Bound 2″?)

  • Wronguns

    Okay i didn’t understand anything at the start of that video, but props up to the Dalai Lama there.

  • canyou

    So he performs that. Kanye is anti-racism, but he might as well be prejudiced against white people.

  • Spaced

    Wow. Say what you want to say, but Kanye is great here. I would have appreciated it if he had less crotch grabbing.

  • purensimple

    This man is a genius.

  • GTA2016

    Can’t wait for his Yeezus tour to start.

  • openthegates

    Too much drama hitting that floor. But no complaints.

  • jiminy

    Damn. This is a dope performance. I would have given him the standing ovation too, and I hate his guts.

  • brownbag

    Kanye is definitely making the most out of his Europe tour. First it was on Jools Holland and now here.

  • pression

    This is way beyond impressive.

  • Hoodie

    DOPE. One of my favorite songs at the moment, I love this more now because of this performance.

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