Yeezy’s soulful live performances are giving his Yeezus project — that of the uneven critical reception — some new life. His time with Charlie Wilson fine-tuning each song for presentation hasn’t hurt either. Check the video of him on Jools Holland performing the two singles from the album.

  • MatchBoss

    Charlie Wilson lifted him up for sure. Really did Kanye a favor here

  • Benjamin

    Am loving the passion that Kanye shows here.

  • LOVE!!!!

    I love Kanye here. I am giving him so much love.

  • Loverover

    I absolutely love Kanye, but can he like bring Wilson everywhere he sings? This is amazing.

  • Wronguns

    Am not sure why Kanye’s been getting the bum rap on Yeezus. It’s certain one of the best albums for me for this year.

  • breakingbad

    That gave me the chills!

  • mass

    This is crazy. Blood on the Leaves too!

  • openSESAME

    This song is pure wicked!

  • noautos

    I don’t know why he resorts to autotune. He’s ill!