So the thing I can’t figure out is if Hammer is doing this kind of a joke or if he is taking it seriously.  It also appears as if Hammer is into MMA heavy these days, and may or may not be advertising some whack MMA gear or management company.  Basically MC Hammer thinks Hov made a deal with the devil.  He needed a better Jay impersonator, but the “baptism” at the end is classic.  Go here if you want to know what inspired Hammer to even do this.  The only thing I’m mad at, is if Hammer is going to have back up dancers, he might as well rock the Hammer pants to.




    Mc hammer dissing Jay z huh?? This is what its come to. SMH….

  • Wtf

    My whole thing with this is what Hov said on “so appalled” was it really that serious to be considered a diss.