• TonyMolino

    For some reason, I enjoy interviews like this one more than those promo stunts that other artists are doing!

  • sheesha

    I think French just wanna smoke here and he can’t because Nard keeps on talking.

  • 15grand

    Damn I want one of those activity books!

  • beng

    I really love these interviews!

  • robi

    Best way to kill them 14 minutes.

  • nick

    I wonder if I could pull it off wearing something like that.

  • hubad

    I used to really hate Nardwuar’s interviews, except this one.

  • sarcasm

    I really didn’t expect French was this smart. He’s way smarter than what I first thought.

  • kourtnay

    French shouldn’t really talk while getting high. It’s bad manners.

  • zane

    French is an idiot. Whole lotta brain cells died when he got shot.