• whereishe

    I swear I could hear Future, but he’s not seen.

  • zeyro

    This song is about to be the dopest from Rozay.

  • TonyRoss

    Super love this video. Al Pacino and Rick Ross rolled into one.

  • muerte

    That beat is sick. Telling you it would be remixed and all.

  • raty

    Rozay seems to think that he’s Tony Montana. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • horror

    With this song, Mastermind and Self Made 3, I think Rozay will be very busy.

  • 2ndcoming

    These lyrics are killers. Ill!

  • lazysumbitch

    Seems like a cop out to just use movie clips for your video.

  • seek

    The beat is the best!

  • rebenda

    I don’t get why people are lambasting Rozay’s No Games for teaching violence and guns. If you want peace and love, watch Sesame Street.