Sometimes wish there were separate Rap Awards for things like this…radio freestyling. Slaughterhouse does it probably better than anyone else who’s ever done it as a group. Maybe Wu Tang is in the picture if you edit them down to their giants. These guys are a class unto themselves though. They don’t need to make songs.

  • WTFJason

    Nobody comes harder than this.

  • Stan

    Crooked I, yo! This is just dope!

  • BudenLava

    Joe’s better than the beat! AWESSSSOMMMME!

  • Globe

    DOPE! You can’t get better than that!

  • Virus

    DJ should know better than to give that lame beat to them. Good thing SLAUGHTER is a dope artist, they still ran away with it.

  • replenish

    could be better.

  • Wronguns

    Makes me look forward to the next Fire in the Booth!

  • thugloving

    Budden was really ill here, but Joell Ortiz was the freakin’ king.

  • TomArrow

    STFU! Joe really killed it!

  • chicken

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  • ricochet

    Subscribed to that channel