Video: Trey Songz “Invented Sex”

 |  November 4, 2009

Wow.  This video is awesomely graphic.  There might have even been some lip biting.  Drake dropped a verse on the track, but he probably couldn’t make it to the video shoot.  All good with me because it inspired this video.  Yuuup!!!  Be sure to check out Trey’s interview with iHipHop here.  Grab the song below the video.  Be sure to pick up Ready if you haven’t already.  Might as well check out the review to.


Trey Songz “Invented Sex”



“Invented Sex”- Trey Songz ft Drake

To Preview Track Click Here


  • moria00

    what a very revealing title. hahah, this gives me that very wild imagination.

  • lisa`lisa

    nice one, the beat is fantastic. drake looks good in the video and it’s pretty hot!

  • daryl143

    oh my, the video is so sensual, very caressing at all. but i love how the beat accompanies the lyrics in a very smooth way.

  • teresak

    trey songz is not only a recording artist, he is also a producer and an actor himself. what more could he ask for? well, even if you have everything, you will always want something more…

  • sophiewil

    that is so steamy on-bed scene, isn’t that too much? i am not quite comfortable watching it, maybe it is just too revealing.

  • moneychatfield

    yes tray you did that on this video