Video: V-Nasty “Psycho B*tch”

 |  June 14, 2011

V-Nasty is part of Kreayshawn’s #WhiteGirlMob.  Not sure how I feel about her using the N word.  I’ve been told it’s a cultural thing in Oakland in that all races use the word uniformly.  Not making an excuse for her, but that is what I have been told.  This chick is definitely a better rapper than Kreayshawn.  She also isn’t nearly as marketable.  Shouts @atmikedenny for sending this through.



  • CarolinesonBroadway

    pure swag. get on it.

  • tess

    the way she keeps moving her mouth and jaw looks like she straight tweekin.

  • Jordan_hawkins420

    she's half black. so she can use it. notice how Kreyashawn dosen't use it.

  • iHipHop Sam

    You sure about that?

  • Youngmoola

    jank tooth bitch mad corny, I bet there was never a day in her life that she needed a bottle opener. Looking  like her name should be jagged edges cuz thats what all her teeth got.

  • Teddy

    lol Kreyashawn has used it and she's been feelin the heat for it lately. I'm half black and don't give a half fuck, not because she's white but because she's terrible.

  • LLP

    Nigga Shaddup

  • TyrekeE13

    Shes not that good but she cute though