It just goes from bad to worse for Young Berg who got arrested after taking a lil spin on a scooter and had a bit of trouble keeping the bike under control while he sped along at about 10 miles an hour. Turns out ‘THE ARTIST’ was under the influence and carrying some weed. His manager was very concerned for his 100 pound artist and his jewelry which probably weighed as much as the artist. Life in the fast lane is not easy for Young Berg it would appear.

  • Loose Da Ceo

    Berg keep up the good wrk Bad press is good press cuz wat if you were never in the press at all you would be a nobody and Know Dat

  • Poof

    thats just marijuana… lol

  • Poof

    that manager hit a 100 on the police

  • FreshPair

    this dude, is always doing something.
    little homie needs to chill and make sommore music
    lol @ 100 pounds!