Virginia Tech Gunman Named

 |  April 17, 2007

By: Rizoh

      The gunman who massacred 32 students at Virginia Tech’s Norris Hall before ending his own life was “an Asian male  (Cho Seung-Hui)  who was a resident in one of our dormitories,” said VT’s President Charles Steger this morning.

      Though Steger didn’t provide further details and he said he was still uncertain whether the student gunman at Norris was the same one who fatally shot two people in a dorm two hours earlier, various independent news reports in Virginia suggest that the shooter may have been an international student.

     University police Chief Wendell Flinchum said Monday night police have a preliminary identification of one gunman, but they are not ready to release it.

     We here at Crackspace send out deepest condolences to all who have been affected.

  • DaDoooD

    this was so fucked up. i cant believe the security on campus said they heard the first shooting and did nothin about it and nobody was informed til 2 hours later. the second shooting could have been prevented. fuckin cops.

  • I Am That Nigga

    damn, that my man right there, Ryan Clark R.I.P Homie