Volcom Vs. The Roc

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Thursday, March 31st, 2011 at 2:43 pm
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Volcom has announced their plans to sue Jay-Z and Roc Nation over their use of the diamond logo. Both companies use a similar diamond logo, however Volcom’s has been trademarked since 1991. We don’t know how much they plan to sue for, but they feel that their brand has been compromised, etc etc. Hip Hop Wired states that:

“They are suing Jay’s company for unfair competition, infringement, false designation of origin and other charges that they hope will stick.”

Volcom feels that the real problem comes when Roc Nation uses the diamond logo without connecting it directly to the Roc Nation brand. This apparently is where they feel that “the consumers may become misguided”. Okay, so this is just Volcom being super thirsty.  I doubt they think they can win, but are hoping for a settlement check.  Last time someone tried to slander Hov the article disappeared so we will see how this situation pans out. Spotted at HHW


  • Dx3

    Volcom isn't “super thirsty” and hoping for a settlement check, it's a strong brand with 20+ years under it's belt – they are just protecting the brand they've built. Volcom will prevail here…

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