So XXL caught up with Soulja Boy over the atrocity that is his Juice re-make.  Yes you read that right, Soulja is remaking the classic film Juice that starred Tupac.  Except this time around it will be shot in Atlanta as opposed to NYC, and will star…Soulja Boy.  Did the studio that made the original give him the rights to re-make it though?.  I don’t even want to really get into it since it’s such a disgrace, just read the whole interview.

However they also asked him to react to all the controversy surrounding his recent pics with Lil Scrappy’s ex boo Diamond.  Specifically Lil Scrappy’s mom’s , Mama D, awesome radio rant.  He was pretty level headed and on point.  The reaction definitely isn’t going to mirror Soulja’s new tough guy image, but I’m not mad at what he said.

Sidebar: What’s with Soulja Boy and getting rappers sloppy seconds.  First Kat Stacks and now this.  Soulja and Wiz need to hang out.

XXL: The Internet is buzzing about you dating Diamond. Is it true?

SB: Ahh…yeah, it’s true.

XXL: How did y’all hook up?

SB: Man, I’ve been knowing Diamond for four years; ever since I came on the scene with “Crank That.” She’s been a cool individual and recently we started rocking heavy. Y’all already know (laughs).

XXL: Being that Diamond was engaged to Lil Scrappy, his mom is now attacking her in the press.

SB: Obviously, it’s stuff you gotta deal with when you’re a celebrity and in a relationship in the open. It don’t matter who girl it would’ve been. If you a celebrity and you dating people gonna talk. It is what it is.