So Slim Thug is killing it on twitter with his economic commentary, then a pretty sweet interview that HHDX did with Waka Flocka dropped.  Waka pretty much sh*ts on that whole point.

DX: So what’s the sociological reason for all of this? [motions towards Waka’s jewelry]

Waka Flocka Flame: It comes with the job. My jewelry means something to me though. I like to flex. I gotta flex on the opponent. It’s like golf sticks, my golf stick gotta be 14 karat gold, let you know I’m winning over here. I did more than par; I did nothing but birdies, nahmean? I did this in a year.

Wow Waka!  Didn’t really think about it like that.  Guy is totally right.  Sometimes you gotta just swag on these hoes.  Preferably while pouring champagne on them.

Sidebar: Waka better f*cking cop that 14 karat gold “golf stick”.  If I don’t see Waka flexin with a gold golf club in one of his upcoming videos I will be none to pleased to say the least.